Stan Peterson

Product Information

Narrative Figurative Sculpture with a Contemporary Edge

Always a walker, from his early days as a mail carrier in SE Portland, to travels far from home. Stan continues to be on the lookout for “moments of significance” which tell a story. 

He does memory paintings in gouache of sights both real and slightly surreal. From these, he constructs and carves wood sculptures as wall tableau or as narrative figures standing without backgrounds.

Stan has a fascination for birds and flight. He enjoys carving small flying owls and pelicans, a Crater bird with a single egg, and even a Mourning dove with 9 cats on it’s back. Sometimes the carved birds have long legs and shoes for walking with their human counterparts.

Travel is often about the people we meet and the long distance friendships which develop. When visiting Oaxaca, Mexico recently, he sat down and carved with 2 famed “Alebrije”  artists. Those sculptures went through a series of changes back in his studio and are now unique collaborations.

Stan has been exhibiting his carved and painted figures since 1981 when William Jamison (Jamison/Thomas Gallery), gave him his first solo show in what was to be the Pearl District in Portland.  Since then his work has been exhibited and collected nationally. He carves basswood with hand tools and uses a variety of colorants for finishing. The only power tool used is a bandsaw with the remaining cutoffs often becoming handheld “rescue dogs”. His work is Outside most common categories.