April Park

Product Information

Something happened within the last two years that has influenced lots of things in my life, including my paintings… I finally reached adulthood. Four or five years ago I would experiment with the idea of venturing into adulthood, but would invariably chicken out. I would say to myself, “yes, April you can regularly buy clothes that are dry clean only” or “yes, it is time for medical insurance”… just wasn’t ready. These things slowly took their places in my life, and then the big one: I bought a house. Ever since this huge event I have started to view life’s components a little differently.

While houses have been used as common nostalgic subjects in my paintings for years, now they represent building blocks and hopeful things. Life, to me is very simple, and finding new pieces to include in my layers is both exciting and daunting. The word play I have always enjoyed is still prevalent, and gained new energy with every realization I have made during my journey.