Mark Garcia

Product Information

“I cannot explain why I make the art that I do, or why I use wire as a medium, but I have always had a compulsively creative nature.  Within this nature, the wire tells me what it wants to become 95% of the time, and I do its bidding.  The other 5% of the time I do an automatic drawing and,  if the impetus is present, I then use the drawing as the model for a sculpture.


The theme of my work is based in a creative freedom through the use of wire and metal.  The results are a variety of shapes and forms that have an organic, sometimes primordial effect.  They are simultaneously rough and sensuous; which is also a metaphor for my personality.  The diversity of imagery mimics the multiplicity that reigns within me, as I believe does everyone.  I hope that you can extract what is necessary for your own enjoyment and growth from my work.