Lisa Smith

Product Information

My pieces are all hand built ceramic vessels, constructed from the bottom up, layer by layer, pinching and smoothing on long narrow coils of clay.  As it builds up I continue to smooth the surface and consider the form. I usually have only a general idea of what I want in the form when I begin.  As the shape develops, I recognize what feels right for the piece and I work to further that quality.   This technique gives me lots of room to play, experiment & surprise myself. I tend not to overly define the form so there’s a lot of space for the image to arise in the painting of a figure.  If every detail were put down in the clay, then the decorative process would be more like filling in a coloring book versus painting an open canvas. When I grab a chunk of clay, there’s nothing predetermined. Sometimes in the middle of building a piece, a new inspiration will strike, and I’ll head off in a new direction.