Helen Cozza

Product Information

As a printmaker I am constantly developing my mark making system. It is a personal, visual language that grows along with my skills as a printmaker. Each printmaking technique provides its own mark making look. Over time I have come to feel an affinity with these techniques; collagraphy, drypoint etching and stenciling, Often, I use them in combination creating monoprints. A monoprint is a one-of-a-kind or unique print that has aspect that can be repeated but no two will ever look exactly alike.

My art practice involves the making of numerous matrices or plates. These plates are generally made from coated matboard or acrylic sheets. Each plate contains marks that can be printed many times. The meaning conveyed by these marks can change with color choices or with the process of layering (printing) one plate over another. This is a slow, methodical way of working. Due to the experimental nature of this process not all my attempts are successful. This uncertain yet exciting process is what keeps me coming back to my studio. The resulting body of work becomes a sort of visual record of my experiences over time. Making this over these 18 months has been cathartic for me. Searching for the marks that would document this time gave me a sense of purpose.