Christopher Bull

Product Information

I have been drawing and painting since I was a child. I was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico and grew up in Albuquerque. I attended Albuquerque Academy and then taught art and history there for 24 years. I showed at the old New Mexico Arts and Crafts Show for many years back when it was outdoors. I moved to Boston in 2000 to serve as Dean of Faculty at the Winsor School. I subsequently worked at schools in Cleveland, the countries of Jordan and Cameroon. Over the years I have traveled extensively, but the New Mexican landscape has always drawn me back. I have three daughters and six grandchildren.

My work spans several different genres. I work in both representational and abstract modes. In the still life’s, I seek to illuminate the psychological complexities of seemingly ordinary objects. When presented in a somewhat neutral background, the objects take on a character all their own. I paint with loose brush strokes so that tone is always aware of the liquid nature of the paint. I hope you enjoy my work.