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Check out this great little blurb that New Mexico Travel and Recreation Magazine wrote about Mariposa Gallery!


“Say the words “world class gallery” and it’s likely to conjure galleries in New York or Washington D.C. Likely you feel intimidated, after all, galleries can be stuffy and scary. Celebrating its 40th year, Mariposa Gallery is one of the oldest contemporary craft galleries still in existence in the country. Warm and accessible, Mariposa is alive with beauty, color, and amusement. Focusing mainly on New Mexico artisans, some well-established and nationally acclaimed artists launched their careers at Mariposa. The gallery not only provides space and exposure to seasoned professionals in the industry but also likes to represent emerging artists as well. According to owner,Liz Dineen, “Customer service and community events are what we are about. We’re very approachable and have established not only solid relationships with loyal clientele but also with the film industry, who praised our establishment in the New York Times.” Previously known for textiles, jewelry , ceramics and wood, Mariposa has shifted a lot of its focus to two-dimensional art, although, they are still known for jewelry, ceramics and sculpture. As for Dineen, “We want Mariposa to be an exciting and comfortable experience for everyone.”