Now Showing – Downstairs


“Eighteen Long Stories” | new works by

Diana Stetson

Show Dates: November 7th – 30th, 2014


Eighteen Long Stories

“This Show features three of my larger oil and acrylic works on panel, and my new, affordable, spirit-filled “Long Story” series: paintings on birch panel three feet tall and six inches wide. The Long Stories have been a lovely adventure in playing with the infinite ways that this unusual visual space can be broken up successfully. These paintings invite you to imagine your own stories about our fellow creatures by viewing their sometimes disparate, sometimes harmonious juxtaposition.

About the three large panels, I have this to share. “Between Two Worlds” includes 5 or 6 layers of acrylic and then oil, and is meant to represent the transition between worlds from top to bottom as well as from surface to depth. ‘The Tree My Lover” was also created in many layers, with the loose use of Frank Lloyd Wright and Japanese stencils, as well as ones I made, even lace. “Willow with Butterflies” incorporates original calligraphy from the 30s, describing an old proverb about willow trees. Texture, including loose reference in upper left to willow, is applied with plaster mixed with acrylic.


All of these paintings start in exploration with acrylic paint. Except for “Totem II”, they all have little oil paintings in them in the final layer. The techniques vary widely. Some started with the collage of teabags. Some started with the texture of plaster mixed with acrylic. Most include acrylic transfers – found images (mostly from old engravings) that are transferred rather than collaged onto the panel, in juxtaposition to the oil painted images. In collage, I used both original 18th century lettering elements from Paris and original Japanese calligraphy from the 30s, including fragments of the Heart Sutra. Sanding, washing, stenciling, splattering, and dripping were also used.”

- Diana Stetson