Now Showing – Downstairs

Carmelo Midili


My works are three dimensional pieces made with discarded painting on canvas panel that I have been collecting from art school dumpsters in NYC for the last 6 years.

I create a supporting structure from wood and give the pieces their ultimate form by cutting and shaping discarded painting on canvas panels and gluing them together.

My practice of recycling artwork by other artists is a unique approach, I am fascinated by each painting I find; each one carries its own history, passion, and feeling from an artist who condemned his painting to the trash. The anonymous history of these disposed paintings is really interesting to me and it gives me great pleasure to revive the paintings and assemble them in a way where they interplay with each other. The final result of my work will bring life to the paintings and merit both the original artists and subjects of the paintings.

The practice of recycling works also stems from my reflections on the concept of failure. Failure in development – not only as artists, but also as human beings – is an essential step for growth. I like celebrate the process of development by reviving these abandoned paintings and paying homage to the artists’ failures.